The Kobe Forklift was established in 1999 as a result of a close collaboration between Japanese/American and Chinese partners whose works aim to bring together the best Japanese and American technology into an affordable forklift to serve the world.  The factory complex covers an area of 130,000 sq meters/1,300,000 sq ft specializing in Material handling equipment design & manufacture.


This modern facility features high tech computer controlled component production, component coating line, assembly line, machine performance test area, forklift stability tilt table and ERP management system.  Our present production capacity is 30,000 forklifts per year.



Our Philosophy

The KOBE Forklift company strives to be an Innovator, not an Imitator.
The company strives to be the very best in the field of lift truck design by challenging the accepted boundaries of design in order to develop ever more productive and eco-friendly machines.


KOBE Forklift products are designed to handle the toughest and most demanding applications and deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.