Product Feature

KOBE battery forklifts are equipped Hoppecke Battery. Hoppecke battery is an innovative product of Germany with the highest quality available in the market today. A world class design features advanced technologies and superior components as produced by competitive vendors the world over. KOBE forklifts are the result of American and Japanese ingenuities and are made affordable our manufacturing capability in China.


Eregonomic Design

Larger low positioned steps on either side and large grab bar allows easy access for the operator.
The large premium suspension safety seat provides operator comfort and better productivity in all applications.
The full rubber floor mat and synthetic mounted operator compartment reduces vibration and eliminates operator fatigue.

Dashboard and AC Control

KOBE forklifts are equipped with an Italian ZAPI control and dashboard. The dashboard provides essential information such as battery life and operation hour. The Italian made, full AC, ZAPI controller is housed inside the counterweight for better protection of the controller.
Intelligent charger is also provided to ensure long lasting quality of battery:

- Intelligent charger automatically shuts down the charging once the battery is full.
- Intelligent charger automatically performs Equalizing Charging to maintain a healthy battery and extend the life of your battery by at least FIVE years.


Hydraulic System

Premium hydraulic hose, fittings and steel tubes are employed for long term durability. All hydraulic cylinders use premium seals eliminating leaks and pressure loss. Main lift cylinder has a lowering speed valve to avoid rapid decent should a pressure lose occur in the lifting system.
Fully adjustable steering wheel allows multiple operator sizes and added comfort. Power steering provides precise control and easy maneuverability in confined spaces reducing operator fatigue and stress.

Forklift Specification

Specification 1 Model FB40-MQJZ2 FB45-MQJZ2 FB50-MQJZ2
2 Rated capacity kg 4000 4500 5000
3 Load centre mm 500
4 Lifting height mm 3000
5 Free lifting height mm 150
6 Fork size TxWxL mm 50x50x1070
7 Tilting angle F/R(α°/β°) Deg 5/10
Dimensions 8 Overall Dimension Length(to forkface) mm 2860
9 Width mm 1464
10 Height when mast lowered mm 2265
11 Height when mast extended mm 4222
12 Height to safeguard mm 2350
13 Turning radius Min. mm 2557
14 Front overhang mm 570
15/16 Tread F/R mm 1240/1050
17 Ground clearance Min. mm 154
18 Wheelbase mm 1800
19 Fork spread Min./Max. mm 300/1380
20 Working aisle width with pallet(Ast)* 1000×1200 crossways mm 4402
21 800×1200 lengthways mm 4828
Performance 22 Speed Travel(Laden) km/h 13.5
23 Travel(Unladen) km/h 14.5
24 Lifting(Laden) mm/s 300 290 250
25 Lifting(Unladen) mm/s 420 400 400
26 Gradeability Laden % 15 15 15
27 Unladed % 15 15 15
28 Service weight Include battery box kg 6666 6912 7367
29 Tyre Frontx2 250-15
30 Rearx2 21×8-9
Driven 31 Motor Driven motor*2 kw 11*2 11*2 11*2
32 Pump motor*2 kw 12*2 12*2 12*2
33 Battery Standard(Option) V/Ah 80/620 80/700 80/775
34 Controller Type AC AC AC
35 Manufacturer ZAPI ZAPI ZAPI
36 Operating pressure for attachment Mpa 17.5